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1. 求英语作文,高中水平

1.Spring Festival  is new year in china,this year is the year of rabbit。
2.chinese new year is in february,China‘s  years are shared by the any of the twelve animals。
3.people traditionally  pay a visit to their friends and their relatives,children usually get  money as a lunar new year gift from the grown-up。
4.people have pleasant vacation during Spring Festival  。

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .Dumplings are the most traditional food .Children like the festival very much ,because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their parents. This money is given to children for good luck . People put New Year scrolls on the wall for good fortune . 
The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Have all your wishes ”. People enjoy the Spring Festival ,during this time they can have a good rest .


2. 高中水平英语作文

In my memory, the person who has left me the deepest  impression is my father, who works as a teacher in a school.
       He loves his job and enjoys being with his students. Whenever his students ask him for help, he will lend his hand to them. He may chat with them for one or two hours to get rid of their worry. He may buy some books for those who don't have time or don't know what to buy.   Besides, he is an experienced teacher who'd like to share his knowledge and experience with his workmates. One sentence he often says is that helping a teacher means helping a lot of students.
      I respect and love my father from the bottom of my heart. He has set a good example to me.

Wanted :Traveling partner 
   Are you interested in traveling abroad ? Have you ever thought of taking a trip to Britain? ......  
 If your answers are yes, then it is the right time to travel to Britain with me ! Let me introduce myself briefly: I am XX, female, 18 years old. I would like to have a travelling partner. 
    The trip will cost about seven days, namely, during our national holidays. The anticipated spots include the Big Ben, the museum, both locating in London. After spending two days in London, I want to  visit other cities, such as Manchester and other cities. 
   I hope you can accompany me to accomplish this trip. You had better to be 18-20 years old, with fluent English and enjoying travelling, too. Of course, you must be a female. 
   If anyone who fits the above mentioned conditions, please dial 1235678. Dont hesitate!

Dear friends,
  As we all know,we are what we eat. Therefore, it's very important for us to form healthy eating habits.
  First of all, I want to mention some bad eating habits. Many students often go school without breakfast. They eat snacks instead of a good healthy breakfast. They are also particular about food. On the other hand, there are others who eat too much. It's obivous that these bad habits are harmful to our health. Good eating habits include a balanced diet, the time of the meal and the amount of food intake. We should eat a large amount of food containing less fat and more protein.
   In my opinion, having good healthy eating habits will do good for our bodies. We are growing up now. Nothing could be better than a balanced diet for our body to promote good health thus support  good study.
    Let's give up those bad eating habits and start to form healthy eating habits now!
   That's all.Thank you.

Friendship is a magic power before which obstacles will vanish and difficulties will disappear 
   Friendship is a close relationship bewteen several persons.We often take friendship for granted and don not know what friends exactly means. 
   Friendship is to us what sunshine is to plants. Friendship is not only a social relationship but also a pile of measure.Friendship can tear the walls and open doors for us.A successful life can not lived without friendship. 
   one who stays near vermilion gets stained red, and one who stays near ink gets stained black.A friend with benefits will bring us a lot of good.We should be careful when we make friends.A good friend may light you up when you are in the dark and cheer you up when you lose you way. 
     Friendship is over the money and above the states.We should guard our friendship by rules and laws. 
     Cherish our friendship .The world will be more beatiful if it was filled with friendship.

3. 求英语作文,高一水平

Dear John,
I'd like to thank you for your kind help in the terrible fog on my first day in London.It was your
kindness that made me feel safe.
August 25,which was my first day in London,is an unforgettable day for me.On stepping on the
land of London,I found myself caught in a terrible fog.I was at a loss and couldn't find the way to my
school.I was so frightened that I could hear my heart beating fast.Just at that time,you spoke to me 
and offered help.You took my hand and led me confidently to my school.On the way,you encouraged 
me how and then,which helped me get rid of fear.I wouldn't have found my school so quickly without
your help.
I have settled down and got used to the weather in London.Now and then I would think about you.
I hope one day I can have the chance to express my thanks to you personally.
Sincerely yours,
Li Hua


4. 求英语作文,高中水平就好

5. 求一篇英语作文,高中水平即可。



6. 求一篇高中水平的英语作文

Atention ,please.Here is a notice for you .
I'm the President of
the Student Union .I dicide to recruit editors and reporters for our English publication" Voice of Campus ".We need 2 editors and 3 reporters.Boys and girls in middle school and high school can apply.
The requirements are as follows:Those who is enthusiastic in public welfare undertakings and has a good foundation in English and Chinese literature,having some editing and interview skills and experience is preferred.The apply begins from it's broadcasting  .The deadline is June 5th 2010 .
Thank you for listening .Welcome to apply.

7. 求人写两篇高中水平的英语作文

第一篇:In our school,teachers and students live a happy and harmonious life.Our teachers treat us as their real friends and respect students' personal dignity.Thy always show love and concern for us students in study and life.thy treat us equal so that we can always seek support and advice from them,from which we benefit and learn a great deal.We students could trust teachers and express our feelings frankly. 


8. 高一水平的英语作文

1.Nowadays, people like to travel a lot.Many people go travelling on their holidays.We can enjoy ourselves and be far away from stress or pressure .So,travelling is very good for our mind.We can also learn much when we go travelling.
   However,there`s somthing we should pay attention to.At first,we shouldn`t litter ererywhere.we must protect the environment no matter if we are in our hometown.If we are travelling abroad,our behaviours can even represent our country.Secondly,you`d better not take nuch money with you.if the money is  stolen,the travel won`t be very enjoyable. Thirdly,we can`t eat or drink too much when we go travelling.if we eat too much and get sick,it`s difficult for us to find the hosptal.the illness will also affect our travelling plan.
   So,if you feel stressed or tired,it`s a good idea to go travelling.and we should pay attention to sth .

2.①三峡博物馆三峡博物馆,重庆市人民大礼堂位于西端的积极建设的主要157.3米,宽98.085米,高32米的长度,总建筑面积4万多平方米。该建筑本身的形状来进行一些历史和文化意蕴。②三峡博物馆,依山而建,整体呈一个大弧线形状。在人民广场,博物馆,站在那里,看着像奔腾的长江三峡大坝。该博物馆是最明显的大面积的弧形蓝色玻璃幕墙和古方正的砂岩墙。蓝色玻璃象征着水,砂岩墙代表了山,这体现了重庆城市景观的特点。博物馆是在顶部的漏斗状的圆形穹顶,很像一个巨大的承诺露盘,同时采取“三峡水利天堂”之意,另一方面,水通过三层叠瀑,一泄下来,和人民广场,三峡博物馆反映的历史文化,提水,滋润大地的文化和涵义。③三峡博物馆展出面积的23225平方米,有四个基本陈列,即:反映历史,三峡工程,三峡文化和精神三峡“的壮丽三峡”,反映地方重庆的历史和文化的起源的“古代巴渝”,反映了20世纪初,在重庆市的“重庆城市之路”的变化反映在重庆,“战争年代的文化战争。” 这里重点介绍前两个展厅。④“壮丽的长江三峡”位于一楼展厅的右侧,三峡博物馆,博物馆展览的迹象。进入展馆,参观者来到瞿塘峡,如果崇高的。面对的是一个长9米,高6米的三峡壁画,它被放置所造成的各种三峡石,共同构成了雄伟的夔门,美丽的桃花峰。游客在时间的时候,脚下踩到了一杯水,长江流域建立一个水密的方式。的声音,川江呗,河岸边的声音,以及长江三峡猿啼独特的声音,构成了一个真实壮丽的三峡。⑤“壮丽的长江三峡”三峡大厅摆放了很多天然石材。瞿塘峡口切的瀑石,瞿塘峡中间的黑石,三峡纤夫切石,纤夫路,和作为“世界第一古代水文站”的白鹤岭铭文也已经取得了一些进展削减举措厅。目前在全国的博物馆还没有把这么大的规模的大型天然石头的先例。⑥与“壮丽的三峡”相比,“远古巴渝”展览的大厅似乎古老而厚重。“远古巴渝”,位于二楼展厅的左侧,三峡博物馆,展览面积的以上1160平方米的,展品超过1000。这是三峡博物馆,其中一个最丰富的文物展厅,其中80%以上的文物是自1997年以来,在重庆的三峡,新的考古发现,这是第一次公开的,如,小田溪出土的巫山县龙骨坡巫山人化石的牙齿和下颌骨,兴隆洞遗址发现的剑齿象牙石,陶奉节鱼腹浦发现的雕像出土的鸟形等。这主要取决于文物陈列馆说,它要证明的客观存在,古老的巴渝文化和无穷的魅力。